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My work

My work has free templates and extensions for CMS Joomla 1.7 & 2.5!

JT Universal

universal joomla template

This joomla template has more than 60+ position that it makes the rubber, and at the same time universal, color gamma is suitable for any project, whether it is a business portal, hosting, store, or your blog. 

Matic menu module

Matic menu module joomla

MenuMatic takes a sematic ordered or unordered list of links and uses MooTools 1.x to turn it into a dynamic drop down menu system, with enhanced usability and flair.

Advertisement module

Advertisement module joomla

Advertisement easy is a Joomla! module. Don't waste your time filling out a lot of forms. Just copy your Advertisement (Google AdSense) Code and paste it into your Joomla! site!


  • Joomla templates

    Remember the golden rule: any joomla template may be used for any theme. Just add in your imagination! Imagine everything you want to create and don't give up this idea. Otherwise you'll be haunted by thought of changing the template joomla. In section free joomla templates you will select a template for an online store, information, advertising, corporate site and template for your portal. Large selection of universal Joomla templates for any type of sites.

  • Free extensions

    In this section of my extensions for CMS Joomla! You can download for free.