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K2 v2.5.1 (maintenance release) now available

Info getk2: We have just released v2.5.1 of K2, a maintenance release, fixing some minor issues as reported by the K2 Community. This release maybe "maintenance", but we have gone through some "bigger" changes regarding content setup workflow and frontend editing. 

 In v2.5.1 we have improved the "friendliness" of frontend editing. E.g. when you edit an item via the frontend and close the editing window, the page will refresh, revealing the applied (or not) changes. Frontend users who don't have "publishing" rights will see a notice displaying at the top of the editing window and they will not see the published/featured controls. Additionally, only users with "editorial" rights (but not necessarily publishing rights), aka users with the permission "can edit any item" in their K2 group, are the ones who can now see and change an item's author. Previously anyone with some editing rights could do that. So all in all, frontend editing is a bit more tied up and informative to your frontend users. 

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